100 Camoga Splitting Machines in the UK

100 Camoga Splitting Machines installed in the UK and Counting! – Cutting Systems have been the authorised UK distributor and Service Agent for Camoga for many years now. We take care of everything from installation, through to training and servicing.

We have two highly experienced splitting and skiving engineers, who specialise in the very accurate and mechanical process of splitting materials horizontally.

Cutting Systems can, and do, service all generations of the Camoga splitting machine range, with some customers who have machines nearly 20 years old, still working to a high standard as they are supported and serviced by ourselves.

Cutting Systems not only install the latest, touch screen controlled machines with automatic blade sharpening into the UK, but we also regularly have units from part exchange, that are stripped back the chassis and completely rebuilt.  Just like our reconditioned die cutting presses, when we say they are fully reconditioned we mean it, bearings, blades, bushes, shafts and stones as well as the electrical control equipment being brought up to the latest safety level.  We don’t just ‘spray it on a pallet, stick a new label on, and say is reconditioned’ like simple machine dealers.

As of 2017 we have two production units in the UK, so we invite you to come and see the latest technology from Camoga being used in various industries  as well as being able to view used machines being carefully reconditioned all at our site.

In 2017 Cutting Systems sold the first 1520+ Camoga Splitter into the UK prestigious luxury car manufacturing market place, this was produced in customised colours to meet the customers requirements before being shipped from production in Italy to Cutting Systems UK factory.  Here the controls were simplified for multi operator shift use, also the machine had customised mobile working platform designed and produced by CS, electrically interlocked to the Camoga machine.  Cutting Systems have now installed two systems into this customer, and complete both planned and reactive site services, as well as supplying all the genuine consumable parts.

It is worth noting that Cutting Systems UK Ltd are the only authorised distributor and service agent for Camoga Splitting machines, and spare parts.