FlashCut Knife Cutting Systems

FlashCut Series Knife Cutting Systems

Compact yet solid and with the reliability you have come to expect from an ATOM machine

The ATOM Flashcut range of dieless knife cutting systems are unrivalled in the heavy industries of gasket and leather manufacturing. Its build quality and software are all specifically engineered for these sectors making it the ultimate tool in modern production techniques. All manufacturing is European based and designed, so you can be confident knowing you are receiving a great quality machine.

Now,  thanks to decades of experience spanning almost 65 years and the sales of more than 250,000 systems worldwide ATOM proudly present the FlashCut.

Cutting Systems UK’s core industries in the UK are Leather & Gasket  which has led to dozens of FlashCut Easy  systems installations and approximately 80 FlashCut Flex Systems, this is by far the largest number in the UK market and we have earned a well founded reputation as being the very best in the heavy leather and gasket industries for build quality, reliability, accuracy, aftersales service and shear amount sold to the biggest names in Gasket Cutting and Gasket Material Producers.


After selling nearly 100 ATOM FlashCut Knife Cutting systems, many of our customer’s have asked for complete package solutions from us, Cutting Systems can now offer UK Manufactured Compressed Air Systems to compliment our range of knife tables.

Our customers can now benefit from Cutting Systems being able to design and build complete production cells with Knife Cutting Systems and Compressed Air Systems, but we can also combine the annual service in the same visit. This saves money with only one planned maintenance visit – and that simplifies the Admin as well.

FlashCut Easy Range


A model for any need, from sample departments to production. The easy FlashCut can fast and accurately cut any type of material, from Leather to Man-Made Materials, up to thick Leather for Soles.

Compact and Ergonomic, easy to use, they fully meet the Footwear and Leather goods cutting requirements anre the best choice for those companies who want to make their cutting process automatic.

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FlashCut Speedy Range


High Production and Cutting accuracy are the features of the speedy models. They have changed the idea of cutting tables designed just for sampling and small production runs. The avaialble configurations and options make them perfect for Footwear and Leather goods in Leather or Man-made materials, in rolls or sheets, single or multiple layers.

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FlashCut Flex


The Flex series represents the evolution of the previous FlashCut architecture with its new, solid structure, its high quality components and state of the art electronics which give maximum reliability combined with high cutting capability and accuracy.
The static or belt fed architecture, the wide range of configurations and availability of accessories make these new tables a flexible tool, perfect to satisfy any cutting requirement for a large variety of materials.

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FlashCut Twins


A cutting system for combined jobs, after a large number of successful installations we have taken the experience gained in various production fields and processes and used this in our new Twins design. The robust structure and state-of-the-art electronics allowed us to develop a modular cutting head capable of processing material up to 50mm in thickness, with Two main tool and optional devices such as Inkjet printer and camera to automatically acquire the shape reference points.

The data related to these settings can be automatically stored and re-used to speed up the tool change operations with a considerable saving in labour costs and a remarkable increase in cutting quality. Available in a wide range of configurations, with static or conveyorised cutting surfaces, the Twins cutting tables perfectly matches the most demanding production needs.

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CAD/CAM Technical Assistance

Many of our customers have told us that they have a problem with either drawing complex shapes such as gaskets and shoe components or have received drawings in the wrong format. With our In-House Engineering skills we can take your drawing, create the CAD file and convert this into the machine code file that ou Atom Knife Cutting Machines need to operate correctly.

For example we can take .dxf CAD files and translate then in the .die file the ATOM systems use to complete the cutting process.

This service is offered on a special in-house hourly rate.

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Remote Connection Aftersales Support


We now offer Remote Connection support for our range of Atom Flashcut Knife Cutting systems. This works by us accessing your machinery via a secure remote link and can very quickly identify if is something that we can fix along with you or if it needs an engineers visit. This is made possible as we can link into the PLC 10 as well as the base software files allowing for a much quicker assessment than normally possible over the telephone with factory floor staff.

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