Atom High Tonnage Cut & Seal Embossing Presses

Atom High Tonnage Cut & Seal Embossing Press Systems

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Atom High Tonnage Cut & Seal Embossing Presses

These small and compact machines are highly versatile, and have many applications including plating, printing, cutting and embossing. Many of these production types can even by used in any one cycle to complete multiple material manipulation.

The most common use for this machine is for the heated embossing and punching of small leather items, including handbags, wallets and general logo and pattern embossing.

These machines also have a considerable presence where small items requiring high tonnage are being cut.

Atom High Tonnage Cut & Seal Embossing Press Systems

PL Series Plating Machines

With power ranging from 10 to 180tons the PL series is ideal for cutting and printing requirements.

Available with a heated thermal plate for cutting and embossing operations.

This series is available with both manual and automatic tray movement, with controlled tray movement the production cycle is made easier for the operator, meaning more efficient production and less fatigue. The tray movement speed is fully adjustable.

Atom High Tonnage Cut & Seal Embossing Press Systems

PT Series Plating Machines

This series is equipped with the mechanical stop to control the depth of the piston stroke, offering extreme accuracy when setting the cutting depth.

Cutting Press Depths and Settings
Atom High Tonnage Cut & Seal Embossing Press Systems

PLT Series Plating Machines

This machine is the ultimate in this range of machine, offering fantastic versatility with its highly accurate cutting depth and the heated plate allowing for not only ‘cut & emboss’ processes but also ‘cut & seal’ production.

PLT Series Cutting press depth and dimensions

We also offer a range of machines and systems from OMAC more information can be found HERE. 

The printer 730/300 SN is used in leather goods to make: logo, lettering and numbering  for both hot as well as Hot and high pressure. The machine is equipped with an automatic feeding device for the rolls of colored foil (gold, silver, etc..) Up to a maximum width of 140 mm; as well as a pneumatic device that pulls the carriage support for punch.

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