Atom Automatic CNC Die Cutting Press


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ATOM Automatic CNC Die Cutting Press

The ATOM CNC cutting press in many of its models and specifications has been a well recognised workhorse throughout all industries for the last 20 years.

With its robust build, upto 90 cut strokes per minute and easy to use software the ATOM has become the only quality and real option for someone requiring a CNC machine. You don’t have to look far to find people having used these machines for many years. The “pinch & grab” pincers ensure an accurate material feeding and proper hold during cutting, minimum gaps between cuts can be accurately and repeatedly achieved for many years thanks to not only the ATOM nesting and control system but also the machine’s sheer quality mechanical drive mechanisms.

The feeding and cutting belt is made of nylon to ensure its long operating life and is easily changed without the need for on-site joining, supplied and fitted by our own engineers the belt will be ‘tracked’ correctly and left tensioned giving you a long productivity cycle.

With cutting head size from 500 x 500mm this machine offers great versatility with one of the fastest cycles available in the industry, and then when coupled with 25 ton cutting power you will not get better than an ATOM CNC cutting machine.


The most productive Atom Cutting Press with more than 100 strokes per minute. The belt and pincher feeding system ensures a perfect material feeding and a very high cutting precision, both for rolls in multiple layers as well as for sheets. The Atom Automatic Nesting program guarantees an extremely high yield for big material saving. A user friendly software interface allows everybody to operate on the machine, even unskilled employees. Available in two configurations for different material cutting widths.


Atom Automatic CNC Features

  • Greater control over die-cutting operations
  • The possibility of differentiating and optimizing cutting in relation to materials and type of die-cutting tool used
  • Reduction of direct costs by 50%
  • The cutting press absorbs electrical power only at the moment of punching (cheaper Electrical bills)
  • Reduced noise emissions (stops operators/ H&S moaning)
  • Less maintenance on installation (always good)
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Improved reliability and cycle repeatability
  • Increased respect for the environment
  • Integrated cutting press control software, with easy to use graphic interface (Touch Screen)
  • Allows millimeter accuracy adjustment of cutting depth
  • Serviced & Maintained by Cutting Systems UK Engineers along with the full ATOM Range

Chiesa do not have any pre-set specifications as they believe if you are investing in a machine of this build quality and long service life it should be exactly what you want, call or email Paul today and ask what tonnage and size head and cutting bed you would like

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