Roll & Sheet Converting Machines

Roll and Sheet Converting Machinery


The all round service, providing the cutting solution for the soft cutting industries

Cutting Systems UK believe in picking the best suppliers for each material and application from around Europe. We truly feel that by understanding fully the conversion of materials is a critical part of specifying the right machine, not just selling anything that might work.

Imesa of Italy, since it inception more than 30 years ago, have been producing machinery used in the cutting and transforming of leathers, fabrics, coated-rubbers and resinated-fabrics, flexible materials in general, bands, welts, rubber and similar materials in several thicknesses for different applications both in rolls and flats.


Model 593


Model 593 TK


Options include rewinders, to allow simple roll conversion from 2500mm roll to 1600mm roll for use a further conversion systems such as a beam press of CNC cutting press.

Dancing rollers can be fitted at manufacturer or by Cutting Systems to allow the machine to be fitted into a production line (see Model 592 CM).

All the Imesa machines sold by us are installed and maintained by Cutting Systems UK’s highly experienced engineers as well as holding all the common parts in stock in our Rushden, Northamptonshire warehouse.

For more information on this range of machines or to arrange a sample for testing please call us on 01933 359359 or send us a message via our Contact page.