Customer Testimonials from Delighted Customers.

As a company, we always put quality and customer service right at the front of everything we do (along with making sure we follow our Green Engineering principles).  With the extra efforts we put into our work we are always delighted to hear from our customers.

Below are customer testimonials where they were so delighted with our work, and the equipment we supplied, that they put the effort in to write to us.

Abbey Seals International

Abbey Seals International Limited is Ireland’s premier manufacturer and distributor of Seals and Gaskets. Our unique approach means that we can have the product you require delivered to your door within hours of ordering.

At Abbey Seals we understand your industry and realise the importance of a quick turnaround on top quality products. So if like us, you believe that your business needs to be run like a well-oiled machine then you’ve come to the right place.

Your urgency is our priority and we strive to ensure that downtime due to burst seals or damaged orings is a thing of the past. All oring sizes catered for, you need it, we have it – no lead time. Seals and gaskets manufactured to your specifications or taken from our inventory of over 40,000 sizes and materials.

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Adam Flanagan

Tecnical Foam Services

Customer Testimonials from Cutting Systems UK

A key strength of our company is our capability to produce critical foam parts, within tight dimensional tolerances, to a high quality standard and in good volume. To achieve this, we rely upon key suppliers of whom Cutting Systems UK are one of the very best. We have bought their die-cutting presses and knife cutting tables for many years, the machine build is very good, supported by excellent technical and service support from Cutting Systems UK Ltd. We highly recommend their company and machines for specialist cutting work.

Duncan Geddes
Managing Director

Cutting Systems UK supplied and support

1x ATOM S530 BR CNC Die Cutting System
2x ATOM FlashCut Knife Cutting Systems, HD and Standard Material clearances.

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Buchanan Orthotics Ltd

Buchanan Orthotics have recently installed a new ‘ATOM Flashcut’ cutting system, which was installed and trained via Cutting Systems UK Ltd. The installation was excellent and the training informative, David and Gareth worked with us to ensure the technicians were fully trained and that manufacturing was not held  back. This system has allowed the company to improve accuracy and repeatability of our footwear and has been a worthwhile investment for the future of the company.

Ryan Currie
Managing Director