After many years of ATOM building their own highly successful pure water jet cutting machines for our core customer base, Gasket and Leather it was realised that the knife cutting tables have now become a much better option for these industries and for standard 'soft cut', quicker and cheaper to not only purchase but also run....not to mention much much simpler to use.

However we found that our Gasket cutting clients required us to still supply abrasive & pure systems to produce very specific products that thanks to our experience in the industry we understand thoroughly

  • Pure water cutting systems for high accuracy gaskets for such applications as aerospace, food and military but also silicone based materials where contact cutting with a knife deform the material
  • Abrasive water cutting systems to allow the cutting of complete flange sealing sets

so Cutting Systems partnered with CMS Industries to supply Waterjet Cutting systems into the UK for our specialist industry, gaskets.

Of course we continue to supply aftersales service and spare parts for all our existing ATOM FlashJet waterjet cutting systems, using both FLOW & KMT (formerly Ingersol Rand) High Pressure Intensifiers.  Please contact us today for support with any of the ATOM of CMS waterjet cutting equipment.


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Milestone S

This particular model is the Cutting Systems favourite CMS system for accurate pure water gasket cutting, it is simple to use and compact with easy access to the cutting area from the front and rear of the machine through photocell's allowing easy unloading of smaller components.

The cutting bed is higher than other models aimed at heavy abrasive cutting, this makes it nicer to unload small gaskets as you do not find yourself stooping down and also makes positioning sheets easier

In 2019 Cutting Systems UK supplied and installed three systems to an international gasket manufacturer for pure gasket cutting, replacing their original faithful ATOM pure water cutting systems.  Even with several ATOM knife cutting systems there is still a need for accurate cutting of very thin materials that do not handle being contact cut e.g. knife.  Silicone based products in particular move like jelly under the push of a knife, the CMS Milestone waterjet was found to be ideal replacement for their original ATOM waterjets.  Cutting Systems UK Ltd continues to give the same high level of aftersales service on CMS waterjet cutting systems as they do on all their supplied machines.

The MileStone 1730 with a 3000mm x 1500mm cutting area is ideal for gasket cutting, however we also offer the MileStone 2040 with a 4m x 2m cutting area allowing for combinations of multiple sheets.


Idroline S

If it is abrasive cutting you are interested in, for example the cutting of stainless steel for spiral wound gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, pipeline flanges or slip spectacle plates then this is your machine.  Constructed with the same robust principles as our own favourite Milestone (above), but with the addition of the abrasive feed system and powered guarding to shield the operator and environment from the spray caused during material piercing which often spreads sand and water over a wide area.

As simple to use as the Milestone and with Cutting System high level of aftersales this machine has proven in the UK to be a popular model, options include multiple cutting heads and dredging system for removing spent sand and waste from the cutting bed.

This machine is standard with the 60HP intensifier.




JetPower High Pressure Intensifier

The intensifier, built by CMS is designed for stone cutting and so produced with the higher working pressures in mind, when we turn them down by a third we can achieve excellent component life from the intensifier.  With multiple single stroking topworks the water supply is constant and smooth, but this also allows for failed topworks to be switched off and the intensifier to continue to run.  A traditional double-ended intensifier would be 'down' if either side failed from seal failure or valve issue for example.

We supply a 30HP intensifier for our standard configuration of a single headed pure water cutting system, or a 60HP unit for a twin cutting head system.

However we can also supply our CMS system with KMT cutting head and intensifier to align with your existing machinery if needed.

Cutting Systems Uk Jetpower Waterjet Intensifiers


Experienced UK Based Aftersales & Spare Parts

All of the above are installed and backed-up by our experienced UK service engineers, our two waterjet engineers have a combined 30 years experience of waterjet cutting systems, not only on CMS models but also KMT and Flow intensifiers.


Contact Us to discuss your individual requirements, we will be more than happy to help you choose the right machine for your application.

Remote Connection Image-01

Remote Connection Aftersales Support

We now offer Remote Connection support for our range of Chiesa CNC Cutting systems. This works by us accessing your machinery via a secure remote link and can very quickly identify if is something that we can fix along with you or if it needs an engineer's visit. This is made possible as we can link into the PLC as well as the base software files allowing for a much quicker assessment than normally possible over the telephone with factory floor staff.

For more information on this service Click Here