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"How Does Remote Support Work?

Using our secure remote support link we access your machinery and can very quickly identify if is something that we can fix along with you or if it needs an engineer's visit. This is made possible as we can link into the PLC as well as the base software files allowing for a much quicker assessment than normally possible over the telephone with factory floor staff.

With this remote connection, we can upgrade or replace the software on the machines remotely saving you cost and time as well as performing refresher training, such as reminding the operators how to correctly apply and set up the machine and carry out those less regular but nonetheless important tasks such as calibrating the projectors, something that is often forgotten in the day to day running of the production floor.

What Machines can this be used on?

We can use this on the Chiesa EDI Touch Screen generation of CNC Die Cutting Systems, the whole range of ATOM FlashCut Knife Cutting Systems and also our range of CMS WaterJet Cutting machines, networking the machines with an ‘ethernet’ cabling system to your server, can also offer such advantages as remote loading of programs from a desktop CAD PC in an office to the machines local drive, removing the constant need to use a USB stick and avoiding doubling up the copies of each program.

Remote access in this way can also be done via WiFi, so a USB WiFi adaptor can be used in the machine to give it simple internet access.

Safe and Secure

For your peace of mind:

  • Each time a remote connection is started a new password is automatically generated this means than nobody can logon without consent
  • During any Remote Connection we cannot add or remove files ‘un-noticed’ as any file transfer is always shown and as we use a locally installed application the session can be started and ended very easily for maximum convenience to you.
  • We use TeamViewer with a full business license, we have tested many platforms, however we believe this is best.  Light on memory, fast and easy to use.

What is the best way to Network my Machine?

For more information on Remote Connection Support or to discuss the best way to network your machine call us on 01933 359359 and speak to Gareth Howe or David Meen

There are good and bad ways to do this, and there are several very important steps that need to be taken before connecting it. We recommend for best connection results that a port is made available on the wall next to the power and air, Cutting Systems will then run the cable through the machine and then, with your IT company, network it whilst taking careful steps as each point to ensure the machine software and Windows connect okay with minimum fuss.