Die Cutting Presses from ATOM have been supplied by Cutting Systems UK for over 20 years. The choice of ATOM was made as they have over 60 years experience and thousands of sold machines, both in the footwear and in many other industries, make Atom the world leader among the producers of swing arm presses, often called a swing arm clicker press or Die Cutting Presses. Their steady attention to customer feedback allowed Atom to manufacture a product able to fully satisfy the most compelling needs about reliability, productivity, and energy savings.

Atom produces Three main types of swing beam cutting presses, these include:

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We are now proud members of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association (UKGSA) which is a trade association representing the specialised interests of companies engaged in the conversion of materials into gaskets and seals for all types of industrial use. Many of these companies have the ATOM dieless knife cutting system the ‘ATOM FlashCut’ and historically also the ATOM range of Die Cutting Presses that we have supplied so it makes sense to add our voice to this very important trade association.

Multiforce Series Die Cutting Presses

This system automatically adjusts the cutting pressure required to increase ease of use, reducing the wear on the cutting board (up to 50%) and maximising energy economy.

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SE Series

A functional machine, constructed in the same way as other models, but even simpler to use. The basic machine, with automatic setting of stroke end, working with dies of different height is not a problem.

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S1 Series

This type of cutting press is equipped with three different cutting pressures to enable the use of different sized (surface area) dies without any adjustments.

All models are supplied with a CE Mark of conformity.

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