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For many years we have supplied cutting boards upon request for all existing customer systems and of course with all of our new machines.  However due to several competitors scaling down their production and our own growth, we have now invested in new machinery to allow us to cut and plane cutting boards of nearly all sizes and thicknesses. Using only the best materials from leading European manufacturers we are now stocking and supplying cutting boards for any manufacturers cutting machines.

We Stock Boards

Of any hardness grade, size and thickness for the complete ATOM Die Cutting Machine range.

Of any hardness grade, size and thickness for just about any Die Cutting Machine on the UK market.

For roller die cutting presses, generally thin and narrow by principle, we can supply in any size and often supply these on long standing batch ordering for high quantity use customer.

That are made of cast Nylon for technical textiles and complex material die cutting, available in a wide range of thickness's.

For hand cutting,  we can supply these, just tell us the size and hardness you want.



We stock die cutting boards in their raw manufactured size at our Rushden manufacturing facility, and can cut to just about any size required.


We constantly have over 200 boards pre cut for nearly all the ATOM Beam Press, Swing Beam Press & Travelling Head Press ranges in a variety  thicknesses on the shelf, ready to go, BUT also a large selection of other popular sizes to cover anybody’s requirements.

We also offer board reconditioning, so send us your worn cutting board, and re can resurface it on both sides (‘planing’).

Not sure of what board you want?

Then please speak to our experienced sales team on 01933 359359 who can guide you to the correct product, our sales team are made up of former service engineers, so please be assured they know what they are talking about after 30 years seeing the machines and materials in application.

But as a quick brief overview, please see our most popular boards:

Atom Cutting Boards with Cutting Guides

Universal cutting pad for natural textiles, felt, rubber, foam, gaskets and many other soft materials especially synthetics.

Ideal for the cutting in the leather and shoe industries including upper leather, lining leather, sole leather, insole board and other leather board materials.

Cast Nylon
These boards are perfect for the cutting of synthetics, textiles and fibrous materials. Due to its extreme hardness this board is very supportive during the cutting process, meaning fibres do not push into the board like softer pads but are cut cleanly.


For more information on our range of Cutting Boards and Services please either call us on 01933 359359 or Contact Us via email.

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