We offer Cad and Nesting support from our Technical Aftersales department as many of our customers have told us that they have experienced problems with either drawing complex shapes such as gaskets and shoe components or have received drawings in the wrong format for their systems.

With our In-House Technical Engineering skills we can take your drawing, create the CAD file and convert this into the machine code file that the ATOM FlashCut knife cutting systems use to calculate the axis control (.die), at this point we would convert it and check it as far as possible for correct translation’

In-House we have the expertise to assist with the drawing, file format, and programming of the Chiesa EDI series CNC Cutting Presses, and our range of CMS Waterjet cutting machines.

This service is offered at a special in-house hourly rate.

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Cad and Nesting Technical Support from Cutting Systems UK
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Remote Connection Aftersales Support

We now offer Remote Connection support for our range of Chiesa CNC Cutting systems. This works by us accessing your machinery via a secure remote link and can very quickly identify if is something that we can fix along with you or if it needs an engineer's visit. This is made possible as we can link into the PLC as well as the base software files allowing for a much quicker assessment than normally possible over the telephone with factory floor staff.

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