About Buchanan Orthotics

Buchanan Orthotics have recently installed a new ‘ATOM Flashcut' cutting system, which was installed and trained via Cutting Systems UK Ltd. The installation was excellent and the training informative, David and Gareth worked with us to ensure the technicians were competent and that manufacturing was not held  back. This system has allowed the company to improve accuracy and repeatability of our footwear and has been a worthwhile investment for the future of the company.

Cutting Systems UK also service our two ATOM clicking presses, our CAMOGA leather splitter and have recently taken over servicing of our Large scale Charley Robot milling machine, ensuring all the machines are kept in the best working condition.

We would recommend Cutting Systems UK Ltd support in improving your companies cutting processes.

Maintenance and Support

Buchanan operate a Charley Robot, these very well constructed machines are manufactured in Europe but unfortunately have no UK support, with parts and service supplied only from the mainland.  This is not ideal for small to medium manufacturing companies without their own engineering staff, this situation was explained during the installation to myself (Gareth), and I decided to offer my experience in XYZ tables both electrically and mechanically.

The machine was stripped down and a thorough preventative maintenance was completed on all major mechanical components including cleaning and lubrication, also a cataloguing of parts for future reference.  The benefits were felt instantly with the axes moving much smoother and quieter it was obvious that the machine had not been serviced correctly for many years.

During the service the operator highlighted other areas that needed attention such as  that the extraction foot and control system, linear bearings failed, shafts bent and air cylinder not working correctly.  This was found to be down to no maintenance and regular checking, parts were identified, sourced and produced as necessary. All the new parts were installed and a complete setup carried out with the results that the machine back in production and working like new.

Machinery On Site

We currently supply and offer service and support to the following machinery on site with Buchanan Orthotics

2x            ATOM SE20 Swing Beam Die Cutting Presses (Clickers)

1x             Camoga CN403 Leather Splitting System

1x             ATOM FlexCut 888 M25 Knife Cutting System

1x             Charley Robot 3D Milling System