Flash Cut +Plus

Options for your FlashCut Systems


Partioned Vacuum System





Powerful, partitioned and adjustable vacuum system. Best fixing during cutting and highest energy saving.






Long Life Projectors






Optimal vision thanks to led lamps. Low maintenance and long life.





Reference Points Acquisition via a Camera





Digital Camera equipped with LED lamps that allow for the accurate placement of shapes
and the cutting layout with reference to the images printed on the material.





Optimised Nesting





Customised automatic Nesting system with a user friendly interface that gives you a significant
reduction in process times and maximum material yields.





Feeding Systems






Optional loading tables and take-off tables, self-centering cradle unwinding systems, with expanding shaft or multiple rolls, automatic spreaders, really helpful when cutting textile in multiple layers.





Inkjet Printer





High Resolution Inkjet printer is available that uses a cartidge ink system to cut maintenance costs and allows you to quickly change both colour and ink type.





Static or Conveyorised Feeding Belt Cutting Surface






On the conveyorised models the material feeding is carried out by the combined action of the belt and a pincer mounted on the gantry.