Foam Bandsaw Knives from stock for HYMA, Baeumer, Fecken Kirfel"

Do you have a foam block or sheet cutting machine from HYMA, Baeumer or Fecken Kirfel, Vertical or Horizontal splitting bandknife, and need Foam Bandsaw Knives or Blades ugently? - We can definitely help.

Through our close ties with Lamebo, who are one of the leading producers of knives and blades, we can supply consumables for your machines, and we even offer a blade fitting service upon request.

Foam Bandsaw KnivesOur splitting band knives and foam bandsaw blades are used in a number of different industries such as Tanneries, Shoe and Leather Manufacturing, Cork, Foam Materials, Leather, Textiles, Rubber, Paper and Fabrics.

  • Tanneries: on splitting machines by Mosconi, Poletto, Rizzi, Turner, Svit, Linta, Alpespak, CSM, Gemata, Mercier and other machines.
  • Shoe manufacturers and Leathergoods :on leather splitting machines by Alberti, Atom-Ellegi, Camoga, Fortuna, Omsa-Sagitta, Albeko, Svit, and other machines.
  • Processing of foam, synthetics and cork factories: on machines by Fecken Kirfel and other machines.
  • Fur processing factory: for processing skins on machines by Capdevila, Selbeck, and local machines.
Leather Splitting Machine Blades - from Lamebo
Leather Splitting Machine Blades
Foam Slitting Knife Images

For more information on any of our foam bandsaw knives please contact Paul in our Sales Department to discuss further either via our CONTACT page or via phone on 01933 359359

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