How Green is YOUR Engineering?

We all like to think that we do the right things for the environment, we place our rubbish in the right bins, we separate out paper and cardboard and even try and reduce our energy usage but what about your engineering suppliers?

Being careful with how waste is handled is not something new to Cutting Systems UK in fact we have been doing this for many years but we feel that beyond this, how we recycle our waste should not only be safe but should also be morally correct.

Environmental care is high on our priority list not only from the legal side, as there are hefty fines for polluting the land, but also from a good morals point of view – we produce waste products and we must recycle and dispose of these in a safe and considerate way. Most engineering companies do not do this. Amply demonstrated by leaving old oil with you, the customer, or by throwing oily rags and filters into the normal bin etc.

Our liquids recycling partner is Duston Oils of Northampton who are a long established, Environment Agency registered waste liquid processing company who use environmentally friendly techniques and wherever possible recycle for further use as other products.

But what does Cutting Systems UK’s commitment to the environment look like to our customers?

As all of our Engineers are employed by us in the UK we can control how waste is handled by them not only on site with our customers but also in our own factory any products used are removed from site and recycled such as:

Waste Oil
Use hydraulic oil filters
Waste Cleaners & Degreasers
Waste Oil Soak Granules and Spill Kits
Waste Oil Rags & Engineering Wipes

We hold a waste producers license making us registered and completely traceable by the Environment Agency. As such all of our Service Engineers hold waste carrier licences, so the transporting of hydraulic oil, and degreasers both clean and dirty are also registered with the Environment Agency.

All Waste oil once removed from site are stored in ‘used liquid 1000litre bunds’, which are tightly controlled. Smaller drums and barrels that might be used to transport clean oil to site are all traced and cleaned upon return.

Unlike many other companies we do not just remove the used oil from your machine, we remove it from site and dispose of it legally, traceably and in an environmentally friendly way. We will even take away other small containers of used oil to assist a customer if needed, for example those containers of used compressor oil.

But going beyond this we also safely remove contaminated oils from our machines, such as water contaminated oil caused by flooding and dispose of this in the correct manner.

For more information on how we can help you make your maintenance and engineering greener and environmentally friendlier call our Engineering Team on 01933 359 359 or via email to [email protected]

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