Its ‘Twins’!!

Normally the term ‘twins’ strikes fear into the minds of most…. but with the new ATOM ‘Twins’ FlashCut knife cutting system you need not worry.

The ATOM FlashCut knife cutting machine has now proven itself internationally as the industry standard for heavy duty material conversion, particularly in the gasket and leather industry where its robust construction and reliability have been a winning combination.

The twins move the FlashCut into new possibilities, with a 3D milling axis as well as the lubricated knife axis, the machine can now mill items such as PTFE gaskets and foam packaging.  With its dedicated chippings extraction assembly and the legendary ATOM ease of use through our software ‘Interactive Layout’.

This is the first ‘Twins’ installation in the UK (pictured) at a leading specialist felt converter installed early in 2019, a second was installed later this year with additional capabilities of having a cutting belt like an ATOM CNC press giving non-stop automatic cutting cycle from a roll.

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