Cutting Systems UK have been supplying quality Leather splitting machine blades  in a variety of sizes, models and specifications for many years not only for our own ATOM leather splitting machines, but also our range of Camoga machines and other manufacturers such as  Fortuna and Ellegi Leather splitting machines. Now Cutting Systems can supply the highest quality blades from a leading manufacturer in the world, Lamebo.

We can not only supply these, many from stock in Rushden,  but also offer After Sales Service, and a selection of the most commonly requested parts available from stock for ATOM, Ellegi, Camoga and Fortuna leather splitting machines. As well as this we install them for you as well.

We can supply not only quality Lamebo leather splitting machine blades for a wide range of splitting machines, but also original manufacturers blades for ATOM & Camoga, everyone is different, and so we have all options for all requirements.

Lamebo, one of the worlds leading producers of  Leather Splitting machine blades.

Lamebo LEather Splitting Machine Blades

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Leather Splitting Machine Blades - from Lamebo

The splitting band knives are produced for use in different sectors of the leather industry: tanneries, shoe and leather manufacturing, and in other sectors involving cutting: cork factories, foam materials, leather, skins, cork, textiles, rubber, fur, paper, velvet, non-woven fabric


  • Tanneries: on splitting machines by Mosconi, Poletto, Rizzi, Turner, Svit, Linta, Alpespak, CSM, Gemata, Mercier and other machines.
  • Shoe manufacturers and Leathergoods :on leather splitting machines by Alberti, Atom-Ellegi, Camoga, Fortuna, Omsa-Sagitta, Albeko, Svit, and other machines.
  • Fur processing factory: for processing skins on machines by Capdevila, Selbeck, and local machines.


Leather Splitting Machine Blades


Above all, Lamebo knives are especially suitable for use by Shoe Manufacturers and Leathergoods Producers on leather splitting machines by Alberti, Atom-Ellegi, Camoga, Fortuna, Omsa-Sagitta, Albeko, Svit, and other machines.




Contact Us to discuss your individual requirements, with so many combinations of Leather splitting machine and blades it will save you time and potentially money to call us as we will be more than happy to help you choose the right blades for your application and machine. 

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