Our Compressors can really take the pressure!

We recently installed a 3rd ATOM FlexCut 3015s knife table into a leather bag manufacturer in the North of England, this company has brought three ATOM Knife Tables in 12 months, such is the machines effect on his production. In efficiency, both in leather usage and also in that the machine can be cutting two leather hides whilst the operator is completing other tasks.

On supplying the first two machines in late 2015 the company asked us to also supply a compressor suitable for four ATOM Knife Tables and also the 80metres of solid air pipework structure around the production area to not only feed the machines, but also air dusters and allow for future network expansion. Cutting Systems in the first instance supplied once compressor to this need, and then 10 months later in 2016 when the third knife table was added it was recommended but Cutting Systems that an additional compressor should be purchased to maintain constant air supply to the machines.

Cutting Systems was able to supply a ‘sister’ compressor with an automated control system that controls both compressors, this means that each compressor does an equal amount of work under normal conditions. Week 1 compressor A supplies compressed air to the 3 ATOM Knife Cutting Tables and associated compressed air tool network, then Week 2 compressor B takes over, leaving compressor A on, but not active. This shares the work load and wear equally across two machines, meaning each unit has an increased life expectancy and also reliability path.
If air demand increases significantly both compressors will automatically share the load to ensure the correct air supply is maintained, likewise in the situation of an error occurring on either compressor, the controller will switch the ‘sister’ machine on to ensure workflow is not effected.
Also automatic factory production times can be programmed, allowing the 24hr 7 day controller to switch the system on and off according to the production requirements of the ATOM Knife Tables, and compressed air network.

The compressor is built in the UK, which Cutting Systems see’s as very important, not only are aftersales service and parts better, but also this supports the UK manufacturing sector further by, this is not to mention the fact that they are of also of the highest standard and build quality.

The standard specification that Cutting Systems supplies, is custom specified to ourselves offering as standard far more than any other compressor manufacturer, without options, or asking.
Cutting Systems have spent many years learning about the requirements of the machines when applied to our industries and machines, with this knowledge and experience we have learned that many of our typical customers and industries simply want to order ‘a compressor’, and do not want to be involved any further with the specification that may not mean anything to them. We supply them a machine that stands alone very well, with low maintenance, both PM and daily, without detriment to it in anyway.

We include as standard amongst many other things:

  • Condensate Management System: When the waste oil and water is auto drained from the dryer, filter and tank often this is drained outside or onto the floor, however in many areas this is illegal. Our machines are fitted with a CMS Filter that allows the water and oil to be split, the oil is kept within the sealed service exchange unit, and the water is drained to a container that can legally be disposed of down the toilet! Many suppliers do not tell the end customer of this requirement and leave the compressor installation for the customer to sort the collection, separation and disposal of these liquids.
  • ZeroLoss Autodrain: This automatically drains the tank when the level of oil and water fluid is at a desired set point, not every 30minutes regardless as per normal autodrains, many compressor suppliers are still not supplying these as standard and then it becomes the customers duty to research and remember to drain the tank daily or weekly.

For more information please CONTACT our sales team now for more information on the compressed air systems, and network installations we can offer you.