S100 Series Swing Beam Cutting Press

s125_300The S100 swing beam cutting press is like the SE Series simple to use with easy adjustment of the cutting stroke, an operator can switch between multiple height cutting dies without any setting or adjustment.

Unlike the SE swing beam the S100 has a 3 push button cutting power selection rack, this means that as an operator moves from a smaller die to a larger tool (surface area) rather then adjust the cutting power settings, any 1 of 3 buttons can be used on the left push button console to achieve an accurate cut.

The cutting power is easily adjusted if required through the movement of a two potentiometers on the cutting beam, the smaller of the two adjusts the 1st button of the 3 and the larger controls the 3rd push button. The 2nd push buttons cutting power is an average taken between the smaller and larger settings.

The control push buttons are ergonomic, so allowing the operator increased comfort. The push buttons are controlled by a two hand safety relay, meaning the buttons need to be activated 5/10ths/sec between each other too allow cutting stroke activation, and requires constant activation to maintain a cut stroke.

The specifications and models available within this range are listed below:

All S100 Series swing beam cutting presses are supplied with a CE Mark of conformity.

Do you need a new Cutting Board for the range of machines? Then please visit our Cutting Boards page.

S100 Series Model Cutting Table (mm) Arm Width (mm) Max. Cutting Power (ton/ kN) Max. Stroke (mm) Max. Daylight (No Board) (mm) Motor Power (HP/ kW) M/C Dimensions (mm) Net. Weight (No Oil) (Kg) Weight (Inc. Packaging) (Kg)
S108 600×300 300 8t/ 78 90 125 1HP / 0.75kW 600x690x1330 430 500
S120C 900×430 370 20t/ 196 900x870x1400 630 745
S120 900×450 370 22t/ 216 900x960x1425 880 1000
S122 1200×500 500 22t/ 216 1200x1030x1425 1060 1200
S124C 900×450 370 25t/ 245 900x960x1425 880 1000
S124 1000×500 370 25t/ 245 1000x1010x1425 990 1120
S125C 900×450 500 25t/ 245 900x960x1425 900 1020
S125 1000×500 500 25t/ 245 1000x1030x1425 1030 1160
S125L 1000×500 610 25t/ 245 1000x1030x1425 1050 1180

L (Large) | C (Models Based On A New, Lighter Framework)