Custom Water Jet Cutting System" As a large company with a large group of experienced electro-mechanical engineers from the field of WaterJet cutting conversion we have a very good understanding of this form of cutting and how to apply it, we have had many years of our machines being used in the heavy leather and gasket industries.
From our extensive workshop facilities and in-house engineering staff, we are now designing and building custom-made systems for customers needing to meet the demands of their production environment and the product being produced.

Please see below, an example project, the customer required a solution to the accurate cutting in-line of a waterproofing product to an exacting constant width, before then being cut into preset rolled lengths.


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Cutting Systems were asked to design and produce a waterjet cutting station that would 'bolt in-line' between calendaring rolls as the product was still being produced. The station would be robust and have simple and effective controls for the harsh production environment it was toward in, also simple setup and adjustments, but furthermore, as the material moved from side to side on the calendaring rolls the waterjet heads were to move with it to ensure a continued cut size product flowed. The system was also to be as reliable and low maintenance as possible.




Cutting systems designed a fully automated system, with photoelectric sensors watching the edges of the material, and through mounting the heads on a moving beam controlled by accurate hydraulics achieved the constant material width required and also the need to ‘follow’ the material as it moved from side to side on the rollers. Built into the ‘bridge’ assembly is also a tank to catch the water and material particles, the tank is complete with auto drain, rinsing, sound baffles and material support ‘cheat’ plate.

The system is low maintenance and easy to setup with no touch screen device but easy and robust pushbutton control, requiring only TPM maintenance to the system as a whole annually based on normal operating hours.

We used a High Pressure Water Intensifier supplied by our waterjet partner KMT (formerly Ingersoll Rand) with out own control system, which gives un paralleled reliability and working hours without any maintenance thanks to its slow stroking and and overall operation friendly design. Cutting systems also designed a ‘water pallet’, with a water softener, softened water storage tank, controlled booster pump and low maintenance hydraulic oil air cooler for the intensifier all bolted to a manufactured steel base, allowing the system to be quickly moved into position, connected to electrical and water supplies before being put into operation.

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